Ukulele Lessons in Fishtown, Philadelphia

We Offer Ukulele Lessons for Children In-Home & Virtually

Our one-of-a-kind ukulele lessons provide an inspiring and engaging foundation for young musicians to flourish! Powered by our passionate teaching artists in Philadelphia, every impactful ukulele lesson combines the best of balanced music education with creativity, fun, and tailored lesson planning that breaks down complex techniques into joyful strumming and a lifetime of love for ukulele! 

At New Groove we offer music lessons in Fishtown, Philadelphia with a unique approach to music education that addresses each student’s individual needs on a personal basis. With beginner ukulele lessons for kids, we provide a relaxed environment, and step-by-step learning, and include every student and parent in the personalized lesson planning. Our ukulele teachers strive to nurture our student’s passion for music, and actively fine-tune our ukulele lessons to bring out the best in each student’s unique gifts and talents. Our ukulele lessons create a learning environment that is enhanced when fun, creativity, and tailored lessons align with each student’s passions.

What You Can Expect to Learn From Our Teachers:

  • Strumming

  • Note Reading

  • Rhythm

  • Technique

  • & More

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Looking For Ukulele Lessons?

Learn to play the sweet sounds of the ukulele with ukulele lessons tailored around your music tastes and learning goals! New Groove offers ukulele lesson programs to beginner-intermediate learners.

Currently Servicing Philadelphia & Pittsburgh

Smiling kid posing with his ukuleleOur Program’s Platform is the Best Way to Learn at Home in Fishtown, Philadelphia! 

Whether you’re looking for virtual, in-home lessons, or a supportive group in Fishtown, Philadelphia that harmonizes with ukulele lessons for teens, we are on a mission to make quality music education easily accessible and relevant for musicians at every skill level. 

Along with benefiting from our low-stress ukulele lessons in Fishtown, Philadelphia, our engaging Student Profile on our learning platform enable our students to benefit from a community of like-minded musicians.

Ukulele Lessons for Teens & Adults From Experienced Teachers

It’s never too late to get started with ukulele lessons for adults! Since many of our experienced ukulele teachers play multiple instruments, after progressing with the ukulele, we can even help you hone other skills with personalized piano, voice, or guitar lessons in Fishtown, Philadelphia

Get in Touch With Our Supportive Teaching Artists to Learn More! 

Excited to get started with a flexible virtual lesson, supportive group class, or want to learn more about our all-inclusive music programs in Fishtown or Fairmount, Philadelphia? Supporting your growth and bringing your music to life is our passion, and we can’t wait to help you become a stronger and more versatile musician. Get in touch with the New Groove Office at 215-857-9354, if you have any questions or want to schedule a ukulele lesson today!

New Groove Teaching Artists know how to engage with children so that lessons are effective and fun! Young beginners will learn to play the ukulele and be introduced to the basics of strumming, note reading, rhythm, and technique through lessons that are playful, creative, and tailored to their needs. They’ll be playing a full song in no time!

Ukulele Lessons for Teens & Adults in Fairmount, Philadelphia

Ukulele lessons for teens and adults at New Groove in Fairmount, Philadelphia focus on strumming techniques, playing full songs, and developing creativity. Students will be guided through the fundamentals of note reading and rhythm while being encouraged to develop and play music based on their specific musical tastes.