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We Provide Music Classes & Lessons for People of all Ages, Instruments, Skill Level & Ability in Chestnut Hill

5 teens; a bassist, a guitarist, a singer, a saxophonist and a drummer, performing in a music classroom. The drummer is hidden by the saxophonist.

Our professional team of musicians at New Groove Music Studio is proud to offer innovative music lessons in Chestnut Hill, PA. We bring years of professional performing experience to music education and our specialized teaching philosophy, connected learning, to immersive music lessons to elevate your skills as a musician. Our teaching artists in Chestnut Hill have the skills and experience to create engaging and stellar music lessons that can be tailored to your specific music goals. Our skilled educators embrace a holistic approach to music education that focuses on gaining the skills and confidence to make music that is enjoyable and meaningful to your life!

Our piano lessons, voice lessons, and music classes in Chestnut Hill, PA are perfect for every age, skill level, and ability range. We encourage positive practice habits and engage with our students outside of the music lesson through our online member portal that connects our whole studio for music learning and fun!

Connected learning and skill advances don’t just end when your lessons do. Our music community is easy to access through our member portal and resources. You can monitor your success, connect with other musicians, and build your musical passions further.

Our students receive tailored lessons that help them learn the best and meet individual goals from our teaching artists. Together our teaching artists and close musical community can help you enhance your musical passions. We encourage all of our students to take their skills acquired in our music lessons to the next level by emulsifying music into their interests. 

 By connecting our students in Chestnut Hill, PA with other like-minded musicians we hope to inspire positive change in the music education world. As a member of our musical community, our student’s confidence and abilities grow as will their ability to spread joy through music.

Our tight-knit community of musicians in Chestnut Hill, PA actively motivate and challenge each other through group music classes designed to increase individual confidence within a supportive environment. Our integrated programs and membership teach the value of being a musical member of the community and sharing your love of music with others. We offer classes that are unique for each skill level, enabling players of any background in music to become their best with our community. 

The constantly evolving music classes in Philadelphia are available to everyone! While our community membership in Chestnut Hill will take your music lessons to the next level, feel free to sign up for individual classes without a long-term commitment. Our flexible schedules and easy-to-use virtual platform make it simple to accommodate your music learning ambitions. 

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Our music classes in Chestnut Hill, PA are ideal for musicians of every kind. Our teaching artists provide piano lessons, voice lessons, and many other diverse music lessons. With so many fun options to choose from at New Groove Music Studio, our teaching artist and community members will gladly help you transition skills from one instrument to another! Once you have developed a strong foundation in one instrument, learning another instrument is easy with the best music lessons. 

If you live outside of Chestnut Hill, PA, be sure to check out some of our other convenient locations to schedule music lessons, piano lessons, or voice lessons near you. Our extensive tools and music education can be accessed 24/7 through our user-friendly website. As a member at New Groove Music Studio, you will be kept up to date with all of our latest classes and have complete access to our membership platform that keeps you connected with all of our musicians. Our community-centered connective learning cultivates exponential growth in our members as music knowledge is freely shared.  

To learn more about our extensive opportunities in Chestnut Hill, don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our friendly professionals today! 

HOW IT Works

1: Tell us about your goals for music lessons

Fill out an interest form to tell us about your musical goals for your child (or for yourself!) and we’ll contact you via phone and email to schedule your free consultation.

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Step 2: Learn how we groove

Our team of Teaching Artists is a group of passionate and skilled musicians and leaders who are excited to meet you and help you reach your goals. Our programs take a holistic approach to learning music and are personalized to you! In your free consultation, we will find the perfect fit for you and we’ll also tell you everything you need to know about pricing, logistics, and scheduling. We currently offer in-home, in-studio, and virtual music lessons and classes in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.

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Step 3: Join our music community and start making music!

If you’re ready to begin by the end of your consultation, we can schedule your first lesson time right then and there! We’ll get you started on our Member Portal, connect you with your Teaching Artist, and schedule your first lesson or class. Why wait?! Get groovin’ with us today!


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