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MELD Program

Musical Entrepreneurship & Leadership Development

Seeing the whole musician.


About MELD

The MELD Program fosters young musicians’ careers from a holistic viewpoint, as performers, educators, and entrepreneurs. The MELD program is completely free is designed to foster creative and career growth, help them achieve their full potential as educators for our students, and set the groundwork for long-term success in their career as musicians.

What past participants say…

“I definitely feel more confident in my knowledge about freelancing. I’m really happy to know good musicians in Philadelphia that I can collaborate with and it makes me feel more empowered. I also feel challenged and like I have peers to confer with, especially in ways that challenge my own thoughts and approaches.” —Anonymous Survey of 2020-21 Participants

“…it definitely opened my eyes up to different topics regarding studio lessons and being a teaching artist that I didn’t think about before.” —Anonymous Survey of 2020-21 Participants

“I was able to grow so much as a teaching artist without having to pay an astronomical amount for a program. I actually made some money doing what I love!” —Anonymous Survey of 2020-21 Participants

“I really enjoyed the MELD program! I think it is very unique and I’ve told many friends about the positive experience I’ve had in MELD.” —Anonymous Survey of 2020-21 Participants

Goals of MELD

  • Receive guidance, training, and mentorship as a teaching artist.

  • Collaborate with like-minded musicians.

  • Learn ways to diversify your skills and income through marketing, performance, teaching, and more.

  • Receive teaching exposure, opportunities and experience in a variety of settings, including group classes and private lessons.

  • Learn to use your musical skills to positively and effectively impact students and communities.

  • Become a part of a growing, thriving musical network and community.

2021-2022 Program


  • Cost: Free 

  • Program Duration: Sept 2021 – Feb 2022

  • Hours: about 1 hour per week

  • Virtual and in-person opportunities and training, must be in Pittsburgh or Philadelphia area

Topics and Skills Covered:

  • Teaching strategies and methods for quality private and group music lessons

  • Personal branding that encapsulates a musician’s strengths, passions, and goals

  • Marketing strategies for freelance teaching artists, as both teachers and performers of music

  • Financial planning for teaching artists

  • Networking and collaborating with like-minded musicians

Candidate Standards

MELD Candidates are interested in hands-on training on how to be a successful and thriving Teaching Artist. They are excited about learning new things related to their career, collaborating with like-minded musicians, cultivating quality artistic experiences, and teaching in a variety of settings. They are passionate, creative, dedicated, and hard-working. MELD candidates must have either received or are in the process toward receiving a music degree from a university, college, or conservatory. Candidates should be interested in: 

  • Teaching in a variety of settings 

  • Collaborating with like minded musicians

  • Cultivating quality artistic experiences from start to finish

  • Practice managing a growing career as a professional performer to ensure their long-term growth and success

  • Building a marketable brand as a performer and teaching artist

Applicant Qualifications/Requirements:

  • Soon-to-be or recent graduates of a music (performance or education) degree program (Bachelors or Masters)

  • Interested in building a career as a creative entrepreneur in music performance and education

  • Possess the following qualities: creativity, determination, entrepreneurialism, willingness to try new things

  • Available 1 hour per week. Hours are flexible and depend on the student’s class schedule (if applicable) and availability

Application Process

  • Step 1: Email resume, cover letter with reason why you want to join MELD, and performance video

  • Step 2: One-on-One Interview

  • Step 3: Second Round Interview

  • Step 4: Candidates Selected

Email us to apply!