Creative, Collaborative, and Inspiring Music Lessons!

At New Groove, we’ve created an inspiring music program that offers access to private lessons, group classes, and performance experiences. Our goal is to extend music learning beyond the constraints of the traditional weekly private lesson and motivate students of all ages and levels to learn, grow, and share music confidently in their daily lives. Whether your child aspires to be a professional performer or if you simply want them to begin to explore music and creative expression, New Groove has you covered!

During weekly private music lessons, students learn how to use their skills, interests, and talents to make music that THEY love! Our highly trained and passionate teachers have one major goal: to give our students the motivation and tools to reach whatever musical goals THEY find exciting, and continue to see those goals expand further by increasing their skills and knowledge. See the instruments we teach HERE

Group classes add to the flexibility, access, and collaboration of our program. At these monthly classes, students get extra practice time, a chance to learn with and be inspired by peers of different levels and instruments, and get new ideas and perspectives that expand their creativity and knowledge! See our class schedule here

Our students have the opportunity to perform and showcase their talents in a variety of settings, including in-person recitals, concerts, and virtual performances. Our unique performances integrate professional musical performances and local community so that students learn that their music can impact not just themselves, but others around them. This powerful knowledge that their voice can make a difference, gives music new meaning for them!

Uniquely tailored to each student, all students have access to a personalized online profile where they can access virtual lessons and classes, practice assignments, music courses and videos, and even interact with their teachers and peers! This online profile even includes an engaging app that makes students’ musical learning tools easy to access any time, any where!

Founder Kathy Bell with a budding musician
New Groove Founder and Owner Kathy Bell with a budding musician.

Our Mission

We provide high quality, creative, collaborative, and inspiring music learning experiences for musicians of any age, level, ability, and interest.

Our lessons go beyond the 30 minute lesson.

Our amazing resources, trained and passionate teachers, and tools for creative and self-motivated learning are found in every aspect of our studio. We believe that music should not live in a 30 minute box, but permeate into the core of each student we touch.

We make music fun and engaging.

We facilitate community, build personal connections, encourage creativity so that students can not only learn an instrument, but learn to be a thriving musician!

Schedule your free consultation now to start your musical journey!

Choose a convenient time for your free consultation to discuss goals, scheduling, and more. From there, we’ll figure out the right teacher for you, set you up with your personalized online profile, and get you ready to start your musical journey, with complete access to our community right away!